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Is your companion, when it comes to your oral health. It helps you find out what you need, and how your treatment costs get covered, at any time.

For more transparency and reliable diagnoses.

How it works

Your oral health matters. 
All of us have teeth that need to be taken care of. We at Zahnfee believe that everybody deserves easy access to modern dental healthcare. 
This is how to works


Fast and reliable Diagnosis

With just a few questions our chatbot can make a diagnosis for you, suggest a fitting insurance that covers your case and refer you to a dentist who is suitable for you, so that you can receive the best possible treatment.


Tailor made cost coverage

Good dentistry is cost intensive, we know that. That is why our smart technology suggest a tailor made complementary dental insurance that covers exactly what you need. Get your costs covered before you see a dentist!


Match with your Dentist nearby​

Don´t know where to go? No worries. Our smart algorithm connects you to dentists in your area that are experts at what you need. You will never have to worry again if you are in good hands.


Easy appointment booking

Time is money! You can easily use the appointment booking systems of our partners.
That's it.


Verified Dentists

Not sure if you are in good hands? Don’t worry! All our Dentists are verified specialists.

Cost Coverage

50 Million Germans do not have a complementary dental insurance. Don’t be one of them. Get your case covered before you see a dentist.

Reliable Second opinion

Say goodbye to trust issues at the dentist. Zahnfee provides a transparent and reliable second opinion.

Contact and Support

Need help? Check our FAQ or contact us directly!

ZAHNFEE is an AI – based Software that helps you find the best possible dental treatment and get your dental costs covered. 

ZAHNFEE will be available soon on iOS and Android. We are working with a very high pace to revolutionize your patient experience at the dental office. 

Your customized dental experience is less than a minute away. You just interact with the software as if it was your dentist. Tell him your concerns, symptoms, problems, anxieties, financial situations and we figure out what you need, who can take care of you properly and how you get your costs covered. You will never have to consult Dr. Google again.

We believe that good dentistry should be easy to access and free of charge. That is why ZAHNFEE is free, forever.

ZAHNFEE is developed by German Dentists and leading scientific institutes. Our Technology is developed by skilled and talented Engineers who are working passionately to improve your oral health.

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