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Did you know that Dentistry ranks No 3 in the list of medical treatment errors in Germany? Zahnfee helps Millions of People receive an early AI based diagnosis and access customized state of the art dentistry. Join our Team and create measurable impact for people.

Our Values

Diverse Thinking

Diversity is not only the presence of international colleagues. We appreciate diverse and disruptional thinking and welcome people from everywhere.


We hire humans first. We understand that the environment has a direct impact on the work output. That’s why we want to give you maximum flexibility in achieving the best results.


Everybody has teeth. Our solution generates impact for every human being on the planet. If you are an impact driven personality you are more than welcome.


We believe in healthy and profitable company growth. We help our users save time and money.

Job Openings

We are hiring. Check out our current Job Openings. If you cannot find your position feel free to tell us how you can help us. Please send your application to:

As a Senior ML Engineer you will help our Engineering Team improve the precision of our product. You will have access to hundred of thousand dentistry related text based data and improve the quality of our prediction models.
You have minimum 8 years of notable experience in ML and preferably have worked in healthcare before. 

As a Dentist you will help our cross functional product time with your dental experience. Freshly graduated dentists are highly welcome. You will advise our engineering team on dental topics and help with the clustering of our data.

As a Field Sales manager you will help our sales team expand our sales activities in dental offices.

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