Meet our Experts

Zahnfee is being developed by leading German Experts in Dentistry. Our Technology receives support by prestigious scientific institutes in Germany. Global Tech experts contribute to innovating the patient journey at the dental office.

Our Core Team


Dr Amr Sassi

Amr is an experienced German Dentist with years of experience in dental healthcare.
He has international experience and is a former Charité Member. 
He consults international companies in the dental industry and is passionate about patient centered dentistry.

ANAS Kopie

Anas Bustani

Anas is a passionate neuromarketer with over 20 years of experience in the industry.
As a serial entrepreneur with several Exits he has worked with notable companies such as Audi, Ricoh and many more.
He is also a lecturer at HWR in Berlin.

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Hüttenweg 14
14195 Berlin
Anas Bustani, Amr Sassi